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Tramadol is an effective and strong opioid painkiller used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. Sometimes better known as “Ultram”. It has a fast uptake, functioning within one hour and lasting for up to six hours, providing the user with effective relief from pain. Available online from our website without a prescription.

Medical Uses of Tramadol

Tramadol 50 Mg for Sale in the UK has been used extensively in the pain relief sector. It is marketed under two different types: an immediate release provides relief within one hour, while a slow-release provides a longer-lasting effect. Tramadol can be used for both acute and chronic types of pain. Disease-related pain, such as tumours, arthritis, and neuropathy are all treated well with Tramadol as well.

How It Works

As a part of the opioid family, Tramadol works by effectively blocking the pain-receiving transmitters in the brain. It acts directly on the nervous system, causing secretion of serotonin-norepinephrine, which in turn blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain. Opioid receptors are also activated during this stage, so they work together to alleviate the pain symptoms more efficiently. 

Precautions and Contraindications with Tramadol

While available without a prescription, prior discussion with your doctor is always recommended. Those who suffer from or fall under the category of any of the following are advised to either avoid or seek guidance regarding the safest dose of Tramadol: hypersensitivity or allergies to the ingredients, liver or kidney disorders (such as kidney stones, cancer, etc.), drug or alcohol abuse, withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or other drug use, epilepsy or other neurological disorders, respiratory disorders (such as asthma or chronic lung disease), mental illness, pregnancy, lactation or pregnancy-planning, and the elderly.

Adverse/Side Effects

Tramadol is a well-researched medication, but as with all medications, some side effects may occur with different patients. Side effects to be aware of relating to Tramadol are: nausea, vomiting, light-headedness, anxiety, itching, fever, runny nose, coughing, fatigue and weakness, appetite loss, sore throat, constipation, headaches, vertigo, frustration or agitation, and euphoria.

Other, less common side effects of Tramadol are: dry mouth, rashes, sweating, sensory problems with touch, fainting, bloating, drainage or congestion of the ears, visual problems, pain in the abdomen, stomach, legs, arms and lower back, swelling in the extremities of the body.

Tramadol Recommendations and Dosage

Tramadol should be taken at the same time of the day, at the same dosage every day. Your dosage should not be increased without prior consultation with a healthcare professional. Avoid narcotic painkillers, and take with or without food. Users should never exceed 400mg per day. Within this limit, they may take Tramadol tablets every 4-6 hours or as needed for effective pain relief. 

Buying Tramadol Online In The UK

Purchase Tramadol 50mg Pill UK one of the most recognized painkillers for those suffering from moderate to severe pain. It is available without a prescription. Here at, we offer you the best of our services and products. We provide our customers with fast delivery services, so you can rest assured that your online purchase will arrive promptly.

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