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Zolpidem 10mg

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More commonly known as Ambien, Zolpidem is an effective treatment for those suffering from insomnia. It provides fast relief and also aids the consumer in having a full night’s rest without restless waking. Zolpidem gives consumers a good night’s sleep and is a common treatment offered by healthcare professionals.

Medical Uses of Zolpidem?

Zolpidem is approved by the FDA, and contains a substance called zolpidem tartrate. This ingredient is a sedative, thus classifying zolpidem as a hypnotic drug. It is one of the most well-known medications for treating insomnia. There are three distinct types of the drug: immediate-release, sublingual and extended release. The two former types are released into the body almost immediately, while the latter has two layers that release at different rates. One is released fairly quickly to help the consumer fall asleep, while the other is a slow-release that maintains the state of rest. These layers have Ambien CR as an active component. 

How It Works?

Zolpidem’s mechanism of action works by releasing a neurotransmitter into the brain, known as “GABA”. This has a somewhat immediate effect: it calms the nerves, relaxes muscles, reduces anxiety and thus induces sleep. The effect on the central nervous system is relatively fast after the medication has been consumed.

Precautions and Contraindications with Zolpidem

As with most sleeping pills, there are precautionary measures that need to be adhered to. Allergies to the main ingredient (zolpidem tartrate) require the consumer to avoid the medication. Consumers should also avoid Zolpidem if they suffer from: hepatic insufficiency, myasthenia gravis, acute respiratory depression, or psychological changes like depression or psychosis. Consult your healthcare professional to find out if Zolpidem may interact with any current medications. 

Adverse/Side Effects

Zolpidem 10mg is one of the first medications prescribed by doctors as a treatment for short-term insomnia. While very common as a drug, it also has mild side effects to be aware of so that the consumer can take action and discuss their options with their healthcare professional. Side effects include: dizziness, diarrhea, dry mouth, heart palpitations, nausea, changes in taste, chest pain, muscle pain, drowsiness and frequent headaches. These symptoms are usually very mild and tend to go away within a few days on their own. If they persist, see your doctor.

Less common side effects of note are:

swelling on the face or tongue, and rashes (allergic), depression, weight gain, lack of energy, trouble focusing, abnormal behaviour or thoughts, anxiety, hallucinations, unrealistic thoughts, sleep walking, respiratory problems, and memory loss.

Zolpidem Recommendations and Dosage

10mg of Zolpidem taken 15-30 minutes before bed will yield 6-7 hours of good sleep to the user. Short-term insomnia will usually resolve in 3-7 days, and Zolpidem is an effective treatment during this phase. As with all sleeping tablets, it should only be used for the minimum amount of time possible due to dependency effects on the body. Consume responsibly and always under the guidance of a medical professional.

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